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AP Bio Interactive Tutorials

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Biology: Core Concepts | Biology Core Concepts Student Learning Guide

Unit 1: Chemistry of Life

Unit 2: Cells and Cell Membranes

First Quarter review quizzes (Units 1 and 2)

Unit 3: Cellular Energetics

Unit 4: Cell Communication and the Cell Cycle

First Semester review quizzes

    • Units 1 – 4, with a separate quiz on some topics from unit 6.

Unit 5: Heredity

Unit 6: Gene Expression and Regulation

Unit 7: Natural Selection/Evolution

Unit 8: Ecology

Illustrative examples

Recommended Readings: Articles and books to extend your learning.

Click-On Challenges

Click-on games, with a timer and a leaderboard. An incredibly fun way to review for the AP Bio exam. They’re even better when played on the Biomania AP Bio app.