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1. Setup Guide for

Here’s a technical guide about how to get started as a teacher teaching with Follow the link above for short tutorials about how to:

  • Set up your classes,
  • Enroll your students,
  • Assign quizzes and flashcard decks, and
  • Check your students’ scores.

2. Curricular/Pedagogical Guide: Teaching with

Are you new to teaching AP Biology? Or are you a veteran trying to add a few new tricks? Then the link above is for you. The teacher’s guide includes essential planning documents for teaching AP Bio, plus for each unit and topic in the AP Biology curriculum, you’ll get

  • Learning objectives
  • Teaching tips
  • Ideas and links for activities and labs

3. An AP Bio Learning Journal

Do you want your students to become deep biological thinkers? The link above will show you how to use journaling to get your students to think biologically (with the added benefit of getting them ready for the AP Bio exam).

4. How to not pay out-of-pocket for your license is an online, interactive textbook. You don’t buy your students’ textbooks. You shouldn’t have to buy them access to Here’s a plan to help you to get your school or community to pay for your license.

5. Teaching Thematically: a Quick Guide to the 4 Big Ideas

While the College Board deemphasized these themes in the 2019 course redesign, I still find them useful. The link above provides some resources for bringing thematic thinking into your AP Biology course.

6. Checking for Understanding

8+ ways that, when you’re in the room with your students, you can check to make sure that your students are achieving your learning objectives.

7. Teacher Handouts

Handouts galore. Some of these predate the interactive curriculum that I’ve created here on, but they’re still useful in their own right. Note that if you’re using the interactive tutorials on, some of these handouts might, at this point, be redundant.

8. Get Rewarded for Spreading the Word about

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9. Recommended Readings

Extend your students’ learning through these resources.