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  1. General questions for Everyone
  2. I’m a teacher
  3. I’m a student
  4. I’m a parent

For Everyone

What is Learn-Biology?

Learn-Biology is an online, interactive AP Biology curriculum that makes learning AP Biology fun, efficient, and effective. We use the latest insights from cognitive science to create interactions that help you remember and understand biology so that you can ace your class and the AP Biology exam.

Who is for

  1. For students learning biology on their own (such as independent learners or homeschool students). gives you the guidance, and support, and feedback that you need.
  2. For students in a biology class who need extra support. is like a tutor who’s available 24/7 to guide you through the toughest concepts so that you can ace your class and score a 4 or a 5 the AP bio exam.

For Teachers

I'm experiencing a technical problem. How do I get help?

How do I set up my account?

Where do I find the registration code for students to enroll in my classes?

  • You make up your own code when you set up your classes. Go to this page see how.

In addition to the interaction my students do on the site, is there a written component to student work with

  • Yes! Each topic has an associated student learning guide: a step-by-step guide for students that helps them deepen and reflect on what they’re learning. You can find the Student Learning Guides in the menu for each course. Here’s our AP Bio Menu. Here’s the link to the High School Menu.

How can my students check their own scores?

  • Your students can check their scores from any quiz on the site. Send them to this page for instructions about how to check their scores from any quiz.

For Independent or Homeschool Students

How do I get started?

  • On this page, we’ve put together an Explainer Video and a guide that tell you exactly how to get started.

How do I check my scores?

  • You can check your scores from any quiz on the site. Go to this page for step-by-step instructions

I've finished the course and I'd like to cancel my account. How do I cancel?

For Parents

How does my child sign in to access's interactive content?

My child needs guidance in working through the curriculum. How can I help guide them?

  • Use our curriculum scope and sequence spreadsheet. It’s a spreadsheet that tells you what your child should be working on each week. N0te: this is last year’s spreadsheet (2023-2024). We’ll release our 2024-2025 spreadsheet shortly after the College Board publishes the date of next year’s AP Bio exam.

We want our child to do some writing as they learn. Do you have any worksheets to guide them through the curriculum?

The AP Bio exam is coming up. Do you have a plan so that I can help my child organize their studying?

We've finished the course and we'd like to cancel our account. How do we cancel?