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Designed to guide your kid to success in their AP Biology Course

Don't Let Biology Leave Your Son or Daughter Behind

Biology is difficult. It’s ridiculously fast-moving. It’s full of hard-to-grasp ideas. The vocabulary is enormous. It’s easy for students to get discouraged. 

Guided instruction that leads to better grades and test scores.

Your son or daughter will do better on their tests and on their final exams. Their grades will improve. Their confidence will soar as they’ll finally be able to understand biology. 

Don’t spend thousands of dollars on tutoring. For $229, your child gets 24/7 access to interactive learning that leads to biology mastery. For $249 you get access to our website, plus access to our Biomania AP Bio App. 

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  • A comprehensive AP biology curriculum, approved for use by the College Board.
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What biology students say about

Throughout my time in AP biology, we covered a range of topics, some that came easily to me and others that were complex and hard to understand. When I was struggling with learning the concept of DNA replication, Learn-Biology really helped me. As a visual learner, the diagrams helped me differentiate the various proteins and the repetition of the flashcards solidified the information.

Leading up to the AP exam, I used Learn-Biology a lot to review and strengthen my preexisting knowledge. The practice FRQs helped me develop clear writing with a scientific vocabulary and the multiple choice questions allowed me to increase my mastery of more complicated concepts. All in all, I was greatly prepared for the exam and earned a 4.

Tillie M., UC Santa Barbara, California

My main problem with biology is how extensive it is. There is a lot that goes into each unit, and it can get complicated.

I needed practice to be prepared for the AP test and other tests we took in the class. was really good for any extra practice I needed. I used the review part of the website as my primary source of study, and I got a 5 on the AP test. I was so well prepared that I finished early! really helped me consolidate my understanding of the many diagrams we use in biology. It helped me remember key concepts too. I will definitely continue to use it in my ongoing studies. 

Ashton D., Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

My biggest challenge with my biology class was keeping each step of the biological processes in order. provided an interactive way for me to follow each step in any biological phenomenon with pictures and informational captions. The variety of activities made each tutorial fun and engaging. I was able to practice and solidify my learning into memorized concepts. I would highly recommend to anyone taking a first-year biology class. 

Mihika D., Scripps College, California  

For me, the toughest thing about intro biology was remembering so many names of molecules, structures, and processes, and how they all fit together. Any time I felt shaky , a quick tutorial from dramatically improved my comprehension. The tutorials were super helpful for both review of concepts and memorization. They definitely made it easier for me to get an “A” in Biology!


Noah B., Brown University, Rhode Island

Glenn Wolkenfeld (Mr. W) is California's National Association of Biology Teachers 2020 Outstanding Biology Teacher of the Year. To learn more, click the photo.

A Plan for AP Biology Success

1. Purchase a license to access to our curriculum

    • Website only access: For $229, up to five children get access to our entire website (all tutorials, all of our AP Bio Review materials). You can monitor your their work through our parent portal. 
    • Website plus Biomania AP Bio App: For $249, your student gets access to our entire website AND access to our Biomania Biology App.

2. After purchase, have your son or daughter complete the tutorials that correspond with what they’re learning in class. 

3. Use the parent portal to make sure that your son or daughter is doing the work and staying on track. 

4. When the AP exam or semester finals arrive, have your daughter or son use the BIOMANIA Biology exam preparation system. They’ll crush their semester finals and the AP Bio exam

If your kid completes our AP Bio curriculum and scores below a 4 or a 5 on the AP Bio exam, well refund your purchase. Click here for terms.