The Practice You (or your students) Need for a 4 or a 5 on the AP Bio Exam

Biomania is the AP Bio Exam Preparation app that will help you score a 4 or a 5 on this year’s AP Biology exam. If you’re heading towards your college semester finals, it’ll help you ace that, too.

Note that if you’re a teacher with a paid license for, your students already have access. All they need to do is to download the app and log on. Please go to this page for student login instructions.

Biomania consists of

  • 271 interactive multiple choice questions.
  • 341 flashcards
  • 107 free response questions.

The questions cover content from all eight AP Biology Units.

You can select questions from individual units, from any combination of units, or from the entire exam.

Multiple Choice Questions that Test You and Teach You

Multiple choice questions are written and delivered in a way that that makes learning effective and efficient.

If you get the answer right, you get immediate positive feedback. If you get it wrong (as shown below), you get a hint about the correct answer. Study the hint carefully, because after a random interval, you’ll get the question again.

Flashcards for Building Content Mastery

FLASHCARDS provide you with another way to master AP Biology content in preparation for the AP exam.

Your job is to generate a sample answer, and compare it to the answer provided in the app.

Feel like you nailed it? Then click “Got it!” If not, click “need more practice” so that you can practice with it again.

Free Response Questions for Additional Practice

Biomania’s FRQs give you an opportunity to deepen your mastery of AP Biology content, and to practice for the FRQ portion of the AP exam.

Your job is formulate the best answer, and compare it to a sample answer.

If you feel you’ve mastered that question, you can “Mark Passed.” Otherwise, you can mark “Revisit Later” so that you’ll see that question again.

Customizable to However You Need to Study

Biomania lets you work at your own pace. The app saves your progress on each area from session to session.


In-app purchase of just $6.99 unlocks all content.

Teachers: your license to includes student access to  Biomania

Please go to this page for student login instructions.

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