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n/a Biology Core Concepts SLG Biology Core Concepts: A thematic course overview Core Concept
  Basic Chemistry for Biology SLG Basic Chemistry Chemistry for Biology
  Carbon and Functional Groups SLG Carbon and Functional Groups  Carbon and Functional Groups
1.1 Structure of Water and Hydrogen Bonding SLG Structure of Water and Hydrogen Bonding Chemistry of Water
1.3 – 1.7 Biological Macromolecules (Introductory Biochemistry) SLG Biochemistry  Biochemistry
2.1, 2.3, 2.10-2.11 Cell Structure and Function/Cell Membranes SLG Cell Structure and Function Cell Structure and Function
 2.4 – 2.9  see above Cell Membrane Structure and Function/Osmosis  Cell Membranes
 3.1 – 3.3 Enzymes and Enzyme Regulation SLG Enzymes and Enzyme Regulation Energy and Enzymes
3.4, 3.6 Cellular Respiration SLG Cellular Respiration Cellular Respiration
 3,5 Photosynthesis SLG Photosynthesis Photosynthesis
4.1 – 4.4 Cell Communication and Cell Signaling SLG Cell Communication and Cell Signaling Cell Signaling
 4.5 Feedback/Homeostasis SLG Feedback  Animal Homeostasis
4.6-4.7 Mitosis and the Cell Cycle SLG Mitosis and the Cell Cycle Mitosis/Cell Cycle
5.1, 5.2, 5.10 Meiosis, Sex Determination, Nondisjunction, and Chromosomal Variation (SLG) Meiosis, Sex Determination, Nondisjunction and Chromosomal Variations Meiosis
5.3 – 5.6 Genetics SLG Mendelian and Post Mendelian Genetics (including dihybrid crosses, recombination, linkage, and Chi Square) Genetics (M19)
 6.1 – 6.2 DNA Structure and Replication SLG DNA Structure, and Replication    DNA Structure and Replication
 6.3 – 6.4 Transcription and Translation SLG Transcription and translation From Gene to Protein
 6.5 Bacterial Genetic Diversity and Operons SLG Bacterial Gene Regulation/Operons Bacterial Genetics and Operons
6.6 Eukaryotic Gene Regulation and Expression SLG

Animal Development and Cell Specialization SLG

Eukaryotic Gene Regulation and Expression 

Animal Development and Cell Specialization

Eukaryotic Gene Regulation

Animal Development

6.7 Viruses SLG Viruses  Viruses
6.8 Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering SLG Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering Genetic Engineering
7.1 – 7.5 Adaptation, Artificial and Natural Selection, Population Genetics, SLG Adaptation, Artificial and Natural Selection, Population Genetics Natural Selection

Population Genetics

7.6 – 7.8 Evidence for Evolution SLG Evidence for Evolution, Common Ancestry and Continuing Evolution Evidence for Evolution
7.9 Phylogeny and Classification SLG Phylogeny and Classification Phylogeny
7.10 – 7.12 Species, Speciation, and Extinction SLG Species, Speciation, Variation and extinction Species and Speciation
7.13 Origin of Life, SLG Origin and Early History of Life, The RNA World  Origin of Life
8.1 Animal Behavior/Responses to the Environment Student Learning Guide Responses to the Environment (Animal Behavior)  Animal Behavior
8.2 Ecosystems, SLG  Energy Flow through Ecosystems Ecosystems
8.3 – 8.4 Population Ecology SLG Population Ecology
8.5 – 8.6 Community Ecology Student Learning guide Community Ecology and Biodiversity
8.7 Disruption to Ecosystems Student Learning Guide Ecosystem Disruption
  Transpiration Student Learning Guide Transpiration and Water Transport in plants