Help spread the word about the world’s best biology-learning site — and get rewarded

Learning biology — and teaching it — can be tough. The course is huge. The content is complex. The pace is withering.

If you believe that is a great way to support college and high school students who are learning biology, then why not get rewarded for spreading the word?

How our Affiliate Marketing Program Works

Our Reward Program

Get a colleague at the high school level to subscribe, and we’ll give you a gift card worth 33% of a new subscriber’s subscription. That’s $100 if the school purchases a subscription and $60 if the teacher that you referred pays out of their own pocket.

How it Works

  1. You have to be a current subscriber.
  2. You recruit a new teacher subscriber.
  3. When they pay, or when their school pays, they let us know that you recruited them.
  4. We send you a Visa gift card.

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