Note to teachers: these Basic Chemistry tutorials are not a part of the AP Bio curriculum. They’re here to support students who need more of a background in basic chemistry. If you want to assign these quizzes for credit, please use the “Manage Quizzes/Deck” tab in your administrative portal. Once you’re there, follow these instructions. If you need more help, email us: use the “contact” tab in the menu above.

Link to Chemistry for Biology Students: Study Guide

  1. Basic Chemistry Overview and Prequiz

  2. Tutorial 1: Atoms (Atomic Structure)

  3. Tutorial 2: Drawing Atoms (The Octet Rule, Electron Orbitals)

  4. Tutorial 3: Elements, Compounds, Molecules, and Formulas

  5. Tutorial 4: Ionic Bonds

  6. Tutorial 5: Covalent Bonds

  7. A Musical Review: The Octet Rule Music Video

  8. Basic Chemistry Conclusion and Final Quiz