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Cell Song Lyrics

I went into a cell, to get out of the rain,
And there was the gatekeeper, the cell membrane.
I went into a cell, and what did I see?
The mitochondria, it’s the energy factory.
I went into a cell, and said “who drives this bus?”
And found myself talking to the boss, the nucleus.
I went into a cell, to recover from a spasm,
And found myself swimming in some clear cytoplasm.
I went into the nucleus to ask how to get home,
And got genetic info, stored in a chromosome.
I went into a cell, and stretching o’ so far,
Was a thin and wavy network, it’s called the E.R.
I went into a cell, trying not to be perplexed,
By the packaging and sorting in the Golgi complex.
I went into a cell, and said “who makes proteins here?”
And somebody responded “it’s the ribosome, my dear.”
I went into a cell, and was feeling pretty fine,
‘Til a lysosome engulfed me, and dissolved me in enzymes.
I went into a cell, and was feeling pretty nimble,
‘Til a centriole lassoed me, tying me up in a spindle.
I went into a plant cell to see how trees get so tall,
And all around the outside was a rigid cell wall.
I went into a plant cell, “why’s it so green I asked?”
“‘Cause I make food from sunlight,” said a green chloroplast.
I went into a plant cell to see how plant cells store food,
When a vacuole informed me that he was the storage dude.
So when you go inside a cell, remember what you see,
There’s over a trillion cells in both you and me.
Just sing this song if you ever feel confusion,
And remember active transport is the opposite of diffusion.

The Cell Song: Downloadable PDF

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  1. earl


  2. earl

    so astig

  3. Chloe

    Thanks for such a fun and easy way to pass Human Biology- hopefully I can hum this to myself quietly enough during exam time. Keep up the great work! 😀

    1. Mr. W

      Good luck on your exam, Chloe!
      Mr. W

  4. Emma

    This really helped for my science test. Tomorrow! Thank!

    1. Mr. W

      Good luck, Emma!
      Mr. W

  5. aaisha

    this song is amazing! it helped me a lot. keep doing this job. i wish you make songs on other subject too.

    1. Mr. W

      Hi Marlouie,
      Enjoy the download!
      Mr. W

  6. Megan

    Thank you, because of the song I got a D on my AP bio test which is better than the F I usually get

    1. Mr. W

      Great news, Megan! I’m so happy that my song was helpful. Please spread the word about sciencemusicvideos to your friends and teachers. Thanks!

  7. Agypt

    Thank you so much I’m currently studying and this song is so catchy I think it’s stuck in my head, that’s a good thing though. Thank you Mr.W! 🙂

    1. Mr. W

      Thanks for your comment, Agypt!
      Good luck learning biology!
      Mr. W

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