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  1. Janice Wallace

    well done make learning easy

    1. Mr. W

      thanks, Janice!
      Mr. W

  2. Michelle

    Do you have a version of this rap with just the music (no vocals)? I think that this song would be perfect for an upcoming presentation to the class about the circulatory system so please reply.

    1. Mr. W

      Hi Mickey,
      Really sorry, but no Karaoke versions (yet)!
      Mr. W

      1. Michelle

        Thank you! I hope to see more fantastic raps from you in the future! 🙂

  3. urja ghia

    i extend a heartfilled gratitude towards you MR W!i am pleased with ur raps which helps me in std 10,a crucial year of the entire life!
    i request you to upload a rap on respiratory system too.

  4. Makila Scott-saxby

    This is helpful! I needed a rap for class and i found one! THANKS!

  5. Anchal Jain

    Love the rap ! A very fun way to learn about the circulatory system. My daughter has memorized it and has done very well in class. Will see more things like this from you and will also recommend you to my friends !!

  6. Trisha

    I needed this so bad ! Thanks

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