My AP Biology Course Sequence

Revised, June, 23, 2019

Along with everyone else, I’m working on revising my AP Biology course scope and sequence to align with the College Board’s just published 2019 Course and Exam description.

I have a few resources that I think you’ll find to be extremely useful.

  1. A spreadsheet that provides a week by week planning guide. It covers all 8 of the units in the College Board’s course and exam description, with links to my interactive tutorials on, textbook readings from Campbell Biology in Focus, 2nd edition, labs, FRQs. I’m using it to support two teachers at my high school who are teaching AP Biology for the first time, and you can use it to.
  2. A revised set of study questions for Campbell Biology in Focus, 2nd edition
  3. A condensed version of the College Board’s course and exam description.

I’ll spend the summer (of 2019) trying to make my online tutorials a one-stop shop for all the content that your students will need to learn AP Biology. and then the plan is to spend the year releasing youtube videos that teach the content. I’m also going to try to release a weekly blog post for new teachers.

That’s it. Any questions or comments, please let me know!