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  1. isis

    i love the song

  2. 5ripois

    love this song 🙂

  3. Campbell, H

    this is such a dank tune i love it really helped me with learning biology subject 🙂

  4. Mr W

    it’s lit

  5. Glenn Wolkenfeld

    this is my jam

  6. Glen Wolkenfelds #1 Fan!!!!!

    This really really helped me out of a dark place….. This song is LITTTTT!!!!

    1. The REAL Glen Wolkenfelds #1 fan

      You can’t be the biggest fan because I am the biggest fan… THANKS GLEN you really helped me on my mitosis science project!

      1. Mr. W

        Wow. It’s great having such devoted fans. Please help spread the word about my website to your friends and teachers!
        Mr. W

  7. The REAL Glen Wolkenfelds #1 fan

    I definitely will spread the word your song helped me so much thanks again!!!!

  8. Lucy R

    Hi Mr W, from all our Biology SL class…. Thank you!! We love this song so much, we always sing it in lessons!

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