Karaoke Biology Menu

  1. The Cell Song, Karaoke Version
  2. Cell Membranes, Karaoke
  3. DNA Fantastic! Karaoke
  4. Electron Transport Chain Karaoke!
  5. Glycolysis Rap, Karaoke Version
  6. Krebs Cycle Karaoke!
  7. Mitosis! Karaoke
  8. Osmosis! Karaoke
  9. Protein Synthesis!, Karaoke

Why Karaoke?

Biology Karaoke?
Why in the world would I bother to make such a thing? And why would I expect anyone to use it? It’s all about learning – deep, substantial, permanent learning –informed by insights emerging from cognitive science (explained in the book Make it Stick). My hypothesis is that

  1. If you become familiar with the original song, and
  2. Then try to sing it yourself following the fill-in-the-blanks lyrics on the screen of the Karaoke version, then
  3. Your path to memorizing the material in the song will be much more efficient than just about anything else that you can do.

That’s because interacting with the song in this way is effortful. This is not an easy task. But if you do the hard work of trying to memorize the lyrics in this guided way, you’ll learn a lot about the material in the song. Fill-in-the-blanks karaoke is going to help you to transfer the information to where you need it: into long term memory, where it will be available for that upcoming discussion session or test.

There are, of course, alternatives to remembering this material. Flashcards are another great way that forces you to recall what you know, and thereby encodes your learning in long-term memory. I have many flashcards set up for you at in my biology tutorials.

Give it a try. It’s going to be difficult. You won’t get it right the first time. To support you, I’ll upload Karaoke User’s Guides. Keep on going back and forth between the fill-in-the-blank lyrics and the original lyrics (with all the blanks filled in). Eventually, you’ll be able to sing the Karaoke version fluently. And my hypothesis is that if you can do that, you’ll have learned a lot about the material in the song in a fairly permanent way.

Please leave me a comment letting me know what you think.