Ok. We’re a two person operation: a biology teacher (Mr. W), and a programmer (Dan Kirshner). We both have day jobs. But, if we had an angel investor who would free us up to work for a year, then we could do two things.

  1. Develop the qwizcard plug-in to make it a serious educational tool
  2. Complete Mr. W’s on-going project of making an on-line, interactive AP Biology curriculum. This would include completing the rest of the modules in his AP Biology curriculum, plus an entire series of lectures that would be available through our youtube channel and through the sciencemusicvideos website.

If you’re interested, or know someone who’s interested, please let us know.

Or, if you just want to invest without any return (other than the gratitude of seeing some great curriculum appear on these pages), use the donate button below:

Thanks for your help!

Mr. W