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  1. Jennifer

    Hi. My name is Jenn. I’m taking A&P One again after 15 years (I’m an LPN), and I’m quite terrified….not so much anymore after seeing your videos. It has helped to put a positive yet humorous spin on a class I was mortified to go into. I really appreciate your videos. I’m struggling with DNA and Cellular Respiration. I believe you are my last hope.


    1. Mr. W

      Thanks, Jenn! I can get you two thirds of the way through cellular respiration with my Glycolysis and Krebs cycle songs…This summer, I hope to have one about the electron transport chain.
      Please let your friends and teachers know about my channel, my website, and my mp3s.
      Good luck!
      Mr. W

  2. Stacye Watkins

    I have enjoyed many of your videos and quizzes. You rock, literally! Thank you so much!

    On the DNA Fantastic study guide, numbers 13 and 14 are wrong… should be:
    Purines are Adenine and Guanine.
    Pyrimidines are Cytosine and Thymine… remember the “y”s all go together.

    1. Mr. W

      Thanks! I’ll fix it!
      Mr. W

    2. Mr. W

      Hi Stacyee,
      Made the fix. Really appreciate the feedback! Please let me know if you find any more errors!
      Mr. W

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