This is the third in a series of videos about climate change
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Earth’s temperature’s askew from our CO2,
Anthropogenic change, by me and you,
To keep our climate system from falling to pieces
We need concerted action from the whole human species,

In Kyoto, ‘92, the world seemed to revel
With a plan to drop greenhouse gas to lower levels,
But it was just paper, not worth a cent,
Emissions since have risen 45 percent!

Up 1 or 2 percent, every single year,
Makes me fear, there’s no care but we’ve got to persevere,
Stop the “drill baby drill,” as they kill, wild lands
Dig up the tar sands, as they move with their plans

For mining for coal with mountain-top removal,
While new drilling gets state and federal approval
Billions every year go to subsidize
Exxon-Mobil, Chevron, is that wise?


Disrupt, climate disruption!
(Demand sustainability)
Disrupt climate disruption
(For the future of humanity)
Disrupt, climate disruption!
(Demand some sanity)
Disrupt climate disruption!

Even “W” complained ‘bout our oil addiction
But his feigned concern, was just self serving fiction,
And Obama, his record so far it ain’t thrilling,
He might open up the Arctic for drilling!

CO2’s gotta drop to 350 ppm
If climate disaster we’re gonna stem
More delay would be a dire mistake.
We need as a species, to put on the brakes

The G8 who dumped that carbon in the air
Have to make huge reductions, it’s only fair
And India and China, emitters 3 and 1
Need bigger cuts or it’s game over, it’s done!

The US needs a climate bill on the fast track,
With carbon fees and rebates or a carbon tax,
End endless consumption of gas, oil, and coal
Set carbon reduction as our national goal!


This problem feels so big,
What can we do to move a mountain of this size?
We’re speeding towards a cliff,
We gotta stop, before the oceans rise.
Let’s join together
Humanity as one.
Let’s leave behind world
Powered by wind, water, and sun!

Efficiency’s key, as is conservation
We also need massive reforestation,
New trees to soak up 100 gigatons
Of carbon, start planting, let’s get it done!

And change the way farmers work the plow,
It won’t be easy but we have to learn how,
To grow food while keeping the carbon in the soil,
It’s just as important as not burning oil!

And here’s an idea that’s worth a million.
Let’s stabilize population under 8 billion,
Empowerment and schooling, for every girl
If we want any hope for a sustainable world!

We need photovoltaics, wind turbine towers,
Green architecture, renewable power,
More geothermal and more biofuels,
Reducing emissions, to keep climate cool.

We’re calling for justice for new generations,
Sustainability, our only salvation,
We gotta internalize the externalities,
Face the realities, adopt a new mentality!