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Science always begins with a question
Inspired by an observation,
Next step, as you might surmise,
Is to take your question and hypothesize,

A hypothesis should include a prediction,
An educated guess in a form of “if … then”
Like if science rapping is a memory aid
Then better retention will be displayed.

Now hypothesis set, you’re ready for next step
Performance of an experiment,
The independent variable’s what you test
Dependent variable the result you get

If you want to do science
Use the scientific method
Observe, hypothesize,
Then experiment
If you want to do science,
You better do it right!

Now science well done’s about taking control,
Cause clear results–that’s your ultimate goal,
To see if what you’re testing is the cause of an effect,
Your design has to be perfect.

Use two groups: control and experimental:
Experimental gets your independent variable
Control group’s the same except for one move:
The independent variable gets removed.

Like to prove tobacco smoke is a cause of cancer,
A good experiment will bring you the answer,
Take two groups of guinea pigs or rats to test
And make the groups large, that’s statistically best

You gotta make ’em big, cause there’s always random stuff,
So a small group of subjects is never enough!
You can get cancer even though you’ve never smoked
But a single case, well that’s just an anecdote.

So set up two cages exactly the same,
Controlling variables is the name of the game,
Experimental group to smoke gets exposed,
Cause that’s the independent variable you proposed.


But I’m not saying science is always the way to get to the result
It won’t tell you whom to love or what path to pursue
But amidst all this superstition and deceit
It gives you a path to consult
To cut through all the lies and confusion,
And help you to come to your own conclusion

Your control group is smoke-free cause that’s how you’ll tell
‘Bout the effect of your independent variable
After enough time you’ll examine your subjects
To see if between them’s a cancer rate difference,

Cause cancer rate’s your dependent variable,
It’s what’s caused by the independent variable,
Which is this case was smoke from tobacco leaves,
Which you forced the experimental group to breathe

And sure it was second-hand smoke that you tested,
So maybe your results will be contested.
This happens to scientists all of the time,
Whenever there’s a flaw in their design.

Last step: try to publish in a scientific journal,
As you try to win science fame eternal.
It’s a never-ending process, and it’s awfully demanding.
But that’s how we build scientific understanding