Teaching a first-year college biology course is a huge challenge

  • The content is difficult.
  • The scope of material is tremendous.
  • The pace is withering.

A college instructor account on Learn-Biology.com is like hiring a tutor for each of your students. You won’t believe how much learning your students will do.

You’ll feel great about the support your students are getting from Learn-Biology.com

A college instructor account lets your students access all of the quizzes and flashcard decks on Learn-Biology.com, and lets you record your students’ progress. For every topic in our curriculum, your students will find engaging tutorials in which they’ll complete dozens of quizzes with hundreds of questions.

What happens when students experience that kind of interaction? They learn a ton. Their achievement will soar. Their grades will improve.

A fraction of the cost of a textbook. Orders of magnitude more effective. 

For full access, your students pay $19.95 each for a one-year license. Professors pay nothing. Ever. If you want to start with a free first semester, use the contact form above and we’ll be happy to set it up.

Features Designed for Powerful Learning and Teaching

  • Available on any device with a web browser.
  • Highly engaging, self-contained tutorials designed to maximize learning.
  • Instant feedback for students through multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank questions, online flashcards, and interactive diagrams.
  • User-friendly tools help instructors easily set up classes, sequence your curriculum, and monitor student progress.
  • Handouts that guide students through each learning module are available for each lesson.

Benefits for Students

  • FEEDBACK: Incorrect answers generate helpful hints; questions repeat until answered correctly.
  • MOTIVATION: Positive reinforcement, student-friendly language, and integration with Mr. W’s science music videos motivate learning.
  • REINFORCEMENT: Written responses on handouts reinforce key ideas and deepen learning.
  • SUPPORT: Robust feedback and ongoing practice promote achievement in struggling students and English-language learners.

Great for Professors/Instructors

When you teach with Learn-Biology.com, you get

  • ACCOUNTABILITY: Easy administrative tools let you manage and track your students’ learning.
  • ADAPTABILITY: It’s perfect for use in the classroom or for independent work at home.
  • FLEXIBILITY: Students can work individually or in pairs.

Start your College Biology Success Plan 

  1. Set up your classes on Learn-Biology.com. 
  2. Send your students to register for your classes. 
  3. Assign tutorials that correspond to what you’re teaching, and watch your students learn.

Would your college prefer a site license?

You might have noticed that we sell licenses to teachers and high schools. Why don’t we do that at the college level?

The models for providing instructional materials to high school and college students are different. For high school students, instructional materials (like textbooks) are typically provided at no charge by the school to the student. At the college level, instructional materials are purchased by students.

If your institution prefers to purchase access for your students, please email me and we’ll work out up a pricing plan.