An account for high school teachers lets your students access quizzes and flashcard decks, and lets you record your students’ progress. Start with a free trial, and then purchase a subscription.

Features Designed for Powerful Learning and Teaching

  • Available on any device with a web browser.
  • Highly engaging, self-contained tutorials aligned with the 2019 AP Bio framework.
  • Instant feedback for students through multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank questions, online flashcards, and interactive diagrams.
  • User-friendly tools help instructors easily set up classes, sequence curriculum, and monitor student progress.
  • Free, downloadable, hard-copy handouts for each interactive lesson.

Benefits for Students

  • FEEDBACK: Incorrect answers generate helpful hints; questions repeat until answered correctly.
  • MOTIVATION: Positive reinforcement, student-friendly language, and integration with Mr. W’s science music videos motivate learning.
  • REINFORCEMENT: Written responses on handouts reinforce key ideas and deepen learning.
  • SUPPORT: Robust feedback and ongoing practice promote achievement in struggling students and English-language learners.

Great for Teachers

  • ACCOUNTABILITY: Easy administrative tools let instructors manage and track their students’ learning.
  • ADAPTABILITY: Perfect for use in the classroom or for independent work at home. Ideal for flipped learning.
  • FLEXIBILITY: Students can work individually or in pairs.

How do I start?

Sign up for a free trial. The earlier you sign up, the longer your free trial. 

  • May 15 through June 30: 5 months free
  • July 1 through July 30: 4 months free
  • August 1 through September 30: 3 months free
  • September 1 through December 31: 2 months free
  • January 1 through March 30: 1 month free
  • Limited one-week free trial available April 1 – May 1.

After the trial period, your school can buy a teacher license. For any high school, public or private, a first-year license for one teacher (and all of their students) costs

  • $349 if paid for by the school.
  • $199 if paid for by a teacher out of their own pocket.

For schools with more than two teachers at a single site, the price is $549. For three or more teachers, the price is $699.

To print an invoice or initiate a purchase order, please click here

Please contact us to create a subscription for your entire District.

If you’re a college instructor, click here.

Please email me if you have any questions.