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Biology is difficult. It’s ridiculously fast-moving. It’s full of hard-to-grasp ideas. The vocabulary is enormous. It’s easy to feel discouraged. 

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What biology students are saying

Throughout my time in AP biology, we covered a range of topics, some that came easily to me and others that were complex and hard to understand. When I was struggling with learning the concept of DNA replication, Learn-Biology really helped me. As a visual learner, the diagrams helped me differentiate the various proteins and the repetition of the flashcards solidified the information.

Leading up to the AP exam, I used Learn-Biology a lot to review and strengthen my preexisting knowledge. The practice FRQs helped me develop clear writing with a scientific vocabulary and the multiple choice questions allowed me to increase my mastery of more complicated concepts. All in all, I was greatly prepared for the exam and earned a 4.

Tillie M., UC Santa Barbara, California

In science classes prior to biology, I often found myself struggling with dense textbooks and study resources that consisted exclusively of repetitious short-answer questions. These materials did little to help me engage with content, and made reviewing for exams an arduous chore.

Learn-Biology.com takes a completely different approach to science education, distilling the curriculum into only the most relevant information, while also being written in a conversational tone that makes the material much less intimidating. The inclusion of brief interactive quizzes breaks up segments of text, which helped me remain engaged with the material and quickly determine if there were areas that I needed to review without having to read through an entire unit. This style of intermittent “check-ins” is repeated with the student learning guides, which present questions which require deep understanding of the material, rather than being two word, surface-level answers.

The best part of Learn-Biology.com, aside from everything above, are the click-on challenges. These challenges are deceptively simple, as their easy-to-understand format and gameplay loop made reviewing tough concepts highly enjoyable. I had a lot of fun competing against classmates to achieve the fastest completion time, and found myself quickly memorizing many of the more challenging concepts contained within.

Thanks to Learn-Biology.com, I never felt like I was struggling in AP biology and went into the AP exam with confidence, on which I scored a 5. Mr. Wolkenfeld’s work has both prepared me for further science education in college and given me a deeper appreciation for all the complexities of the natural world.

J.H., UCLA, California

At the beginning of the year, I was worried about not being well prepared for AP Biology and learning in the classroom as we just came back from distance learning. I was unsure that I would be able to memorize everything.

Luckily, it was very convenient to use Learn-Biology.com on my phone between classes. The interactive quizzes helped me associate information with images. The quizzes were not extremely long, making it possible for me to start and finish them between classes. The songs were very catchy, and in addition to being understandable and educational, they were also fun to listen to. One song, Electron Transport Chain, helped me visualize and understand how ATP is made from glucose.

Lastly, the many practice problems requiring me to label complex diagrams helped prepare me for the AP Biology exam and allowed me to be able to explain what was happening on FRQs.

The AP Bio review section of Learn-Biology.com helped me to refresh my mind of all the complex things I learned in the year and helped me gain confidence for the exam. The resources on Learn-Biology.com helped me achieve a 5 on the AP Bio Exam. 

Sonia D., McGill University, Montreal, Canada 

Before using Learn-Biology.com, I was struggling with understanding key concepts in biology and often focused on irrelevant details that proved unhelpful during quizzes and tests. However, Learn-Biology cut my studying time in half by only introducing the most important concepts–through this, I was able to do better on tests and quizzes because only the key components were taught. There was no added stress of learning things that made the topic more complex.

Because of how easy the site was to understand, I started studying ahead of my class and began reading the website in my spare time. As this routine developed prior to the signal transduction and cellular energetics unit in AP Biology, I was prepared when answering questions in class–a fact that my teacher acknowledged. This time readjustment allowed me to do much better on tests and quizzes compared to before, and I felt much more confident about my abilities to perform in biology. Thanks to Learn-Biology, I managed to go from a “B” student during part of the first semester to an “A” student for the rest of the year.

Arnav Harsh, Leland High School, San Jose

As I was taking AP Biology, I often felt that I needed reinforcements of concepts rather than just hearing them once and then moving on. Furthermore, I’ve found myself always appreciating different ways of taking in material instead of just reading a textbook or listening to lectures. Throughout the whole curriculum, Learn-Biology.com was incredible at explaining and clarifying concepts in a way that allowed me to eliminate any confusion that I may have had from in-class instruction. Coupled with the clear and helpful diagrams and pictures, the occasional fun songs, videos/animations, and reinforcement materials such as fill-in-the-blanks and flashcards, no matter what method of learning you prefer, learn-biology is sure to have something for you.

I also found the Student Learning Guides to be extremely useful because they ensured that I was able to remember important terms and explain every part of the diagrams shown in the units. These were skills that I felt were easily transferable to the AP test. 

While preparing for the exam, learn-biology’s review flashcards, multiple-choice practice, and free response practice proved to be very helpful. I especially appreciated having learn-biology’s instant feedback so that I could immediately understand what I need to work on and smooth out gaps in my knowledge. With these review materials, I came into exam day feeling extremely confident. And after taking the exam, I was thrilled to see that I got a 5! In addition, learn-biology was a major contributor to my passion for biology, which I’m excited to take into college when I study Bioinformatics at UC San Diego!


Daniel S. UC San Diego, California  

When I took AP Bio, my class had a long-term sub because our teacher left for maternity leave. I was lost and confused for the first few weeks. There were so many complicated terms, and nothing made sense to me. Then, I came across Learn-Biology.com and everything changed. The hardest part of biology for me was understanding complex diagrams, showing the intricacies of protein structures or the complicated steps of cellular respiration. This is where Learn-Biology helped me the most — each diagram breaks down large concepts into smaller, more focused, pieces, and the labeled numbers allow us to process each step individually. The learning guides then bring it all together, and we can fully process the big ideas.

The repetition of Learn-Biology allows us to truly consolidate the material. The diagrams we see come back again and again in different forms, so that we can thoroughly understand the concepts, as opposed to merely memorizing them. The quizzes are the cherry on top, assessing our knowledge through different means, ranging from flashcards to multiple-choice questions, to fill-in-the-blank quizzes. The same diagrams that we are able to break down and master in our studies appear on these quizzes, helping us to confirm that we accurately learned the material.

Overall, I was extremely happy with my Learn-Biology experience, and the results speak for themselves. I ended with a high A both semesters and scored a 4 on the AP test. But more importantly, thanks to Learn-Biology.com, I feel like I have developed a profound appreciation for the biological world, as well as the millions of processes that sustain our lives on this planet.

Parsa Ansari, Leland High School, San Jose

My biggest challenge with my biology class was keeping each step of the biological processes in order. Learn-Biology.com provided an interactive way for me to follow each step in any biological phenomenon with pictures and informational captions. The variety of activities made each tutorial fun and engaging. I was able to practice and solidify my learning into memorized concepts. I would highly recommend Learn-Biology.com to anyone taking a first-year biology class. 

Mihika D., Scripps College, California  

For me, the toughest thing about intro biology was remembering so many names of molecules, structures, and processes, and how they all fit together. Any time I felt shaky , a quick tutorial from Learn-Biology.com dramatically improved my comprehension. The tutorials were super helpful for both review of concepts and memorization. They definitely made it easier for me to get an “A” in Biology!


Noah B., Brown University, Rhode Island

One of the biggest difficulties I faced in my AP Biology class is staying consistent and doing a little bit of work everyday. Learn-Biology.com not only showed me were to begin, it also allowed me to do it at my own pace as each topic is helpfully broken into separate units. This allowed me to feel more at ease when I was thinking about my progress and my goals. It had everything laid out for me, all I had to do is go through the lessons!

One of my favorite features is the quizzes throughout each unit that reinforced my understanding of the new material. I was able to do the flash cards whenever I needed to refresh on the old concepts. Learn-Biology.com gave me so much confidence in my biology understanding and even reinforced my desire to pursue a major within Biology.

Afnan S., Cal Poly Pomona, California  

I’ve never had such easy access to learning as I had with Learn-Biology.com. As an AP Biology student,
especially one who has not taken a previous Biology course, Learn-biology has been one of the most important components of my understanding what is going on in class. Looking at a  topic prior to class helped me every time. It improved my work on assignments, as well as on labs, tests, and the AP Bio exam.

The setup of the website is so easy to understand.  I also found it helpful that the reading is worded in an easy-to-understand manner. Sometimes reading out of an unnecessarily wordy textbook confuses me even further. Reading off of Learn-biology, however, felt as if I was having a conversation directly with Mr. W.

I also really benefited from the flashcards and quizzes. The repetition of the flashcards drilled the information into my head, and the quizzes showed me where I was as far as understanding goes. Whenever I finished a quiz, I had a much better idea of what I needed to know for the unit we were diving into in class.

On the whole, the knowledge I gained from Learn-biology
made me much more confident in AP Bio.

Phoenix P., Jones High School, Jones, Oklahoma

When I was preparing for the AP Bio test, I found that I was continuously struggling with questions on Genetics and Meiosis. To fix this problem, I went onto Learn-Biology.com and redid the tutorials for each of these subtopics. I also used Learn-Biology.com’s AP Bio review flashcards and multiple choice questions. This really solidified my understanding of the stages of Meiosis, Dihybrid Crosses, and Sex-linked Alleles. I strongly attribute my receiving a 5 on the AP Bio test to using Learn-Biology.com.

Ruby F., UC Davis, California  

Before going into AP Bio, I was afraid that was that I was going to have to spend hours watching and rewatching video lessons, and self-studying for hours before every test. 

With Learn-Biology.com, my skepticism quickly turned into enjoyment. As someone who has ADHD, I found the colorful diagrams interactive “quizzes” far more engaging than reading textbooks or watching lectures. My favorites were the “click-on” challenges, which I often competed against my friend with to see who could get the fastest time. The lessons were extremely thorough in their explanations, and the diagrams made every process so clear that I could practically see the process happening in my mind. 

I always felt fully prepared going into every test; during the course of the year, I never did anything that would be considered “studying,” instead relying on what I learned while completing the units on learn-bio. Even when preparing for the AP Bio exam, I studied very little, only going through the click-on challenges to refresh my memory, and eventually ended up getting a 5 on the exam. 

I have never used an educational website as fun and helpful as learn-biology.com, and I consider myself very fortunate to have been able to  use this great resource. Because of it,  AP Bio is definitely one of my favorite classes I took in high school.

Robert G., UC Irvine, California

My main problem with biology is how extensive it is. There is a lot that goes into each unit, and it can get complicated.

I needed practice to be prepared for the AP test and other tests we took in the class. Learn-Biology.com was really good for any extra practice I needed. I used the review part of the website as my primary source of study, and I got a 5 on the AP test. I was so well prepared that I finished early!

Learn-Biology.com really helped me consolidate my understanding of the many diagrams we use in biology. It helped me remember key concepts too. I will definitely continue to use it in my ongoing studies. 

Ashton D., Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

There’s simply not enough time in class to get a solid grasp of the wide range of subjects and terminology taught in a first-year biology class. With learn-biology.com, I had an efficient and effective way to use my time out of class to read the digital textbook and make sure I knew every last bit of terminology with the flashcards. Further, the guided note-takers made sure that I held onto the content I learned by giving me a structured and specialized way of organizing my new knowledge. 

Learn-Biology.com was one of the main reasons why I confidently got a 5 on the AP Bio exam and it’s why I believe I could still get a 5 on it, more than a year later. 

Besides just my AP scores, however, learn-biology.com gave me a comprehensive foundation for understanding and communicating about the processes that make life possible. 


Aiden B, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic, I struggled with a lack of motivation to do schoolwork, but beyond that, to care about what we were learning. Thankfully, I took AP Bio, and we used learn-biology alongside our class. 


Learn-biology was super effective at communicating the lessons, and their application in the real world. The quizzes interspersed with readings helped me stay focused and motivated, trying to do well on the quizzes always incentivized me while I was completing a lesson. 


The teaching was so effective that I was extremely confident for every test, and only had to study minimally to get a five on the AP test. Not only that, but also I started thinking about biology outside of the classroom, and I began seeing connections between my surroundings and what I had learned, which was what convinced me to study it in college. 



Tomasso A.W., UCLA, Los Angeles, California

Words cannot express how grateful I am to you. AP Biology is considered to be one of the hardest subjects and subsequent AP tests out of all 38, yet you made the test seem like a piece of cake! Your detailed website, engaging music videos, and interactive activities helped me grasp all the intricacies of complicated topics such as Cellular Respiration and Natural Selection. I am proud to say that I received a 5 on the AP test and that would not be possible without you. I hope you realize the difference you make in the success of students across the world. 
Thank you again and I wish you all the best!

Vijay Arora, North Allegheny Senior High School, Wexford, Pennsylvania

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