Welcome to learn-biology!  You and your student’s free access to all quizzes and flashcard decks is available through [good_through_date].  You can log in as an administrator to set up your classes and customize quiz and flashcard deck assignments if you wish – see below.  You can also log in as a student – use the black down-arrow at the top right of any quiz or deck to select the Login menu; use the same login name and password that you used to sign up.  Your student login allows you to preview the material that you assign to your students!

Here’s how to start using our tutorials with your students.  Log in to your account at learn-biology.com/admin and follow these three steps to set up your classes and register your students.

  1. Click the “Add new class” button at the top of the “Edit students/classes” page.

  2. Make up a class name and registration code for your class.  Your class name can be anything you want (such as “BIO_1A period 3”).  The registration code is what students will use to register for your class.  The code has to be unique in our system, and we’ll tell you if it’s not.  Repeat this for each class or section that you teach. 

  3. Give your students the registration code (which can involve emailing it to them, or writing it on the whiteboard, etc.).  Then send them to any quiz on learn-biology.com.  Have them click the “New Student-Register” button at the start of most quizzes, or hover on the menu triangle at the top right of every quiz.  Or you can send them to learn-biology.com/register

As your students register, your classes will automatically be set up. 

Now send your students to any of the tutorials on learn-biology.com.  If you want your students to use a handout that guides them through the tutorial, click “Tutorial Guides” in the top menu of learn-biology.com

If you get stuck along the way, or if we can help you out with using the site in any way, please contact us.  We love talking to our educational collaborators!

Thanks for using learn-biology!

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